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    E-ink phone

    The task was to design a modern inexpensive phone. One of the conditions of the task was to analyze the current trends in design. The phone must have E-ink display as well as solar panel on the back cover. 


    Marussia B5

    Marussia B5 diploma project was the result of my studies at the "Transportation Design" department at the Moscow State Academy of Art and Design named by S.G.Stroganov.



    Task will be tell about the new trendy camera Lumix GX7. Impress upon the minds of young trend watchers, creative types and buyers of designer goods the idea that the Panasonic Lumix GX7 camera is a fashionable piece of awesomeness which can also take pictures.

    Сделано в Red Keds



    Many large manufacturing companies need to get information about how their product is presented in retail outlets. Topmission - it's crowdsourcing platform that will help them get that information quickly and efficiently.


    Deputat lending

    The bill was part of a campaign of Alexei Navalny. Already, it would support hundreds of thousands of people who voted for him. We will arrange to collect network of contacts for those who want to sign, and associate them with you using online tools.




    Nice and galactic sweater for apple funs. The entire universe with you. Just for fun.


    Jet Book

    Upcast JetBook is iPad app created to make the task of evaluating and comparing business jets a straightforward and graphic experience. 



    The FotoLoft Gallery was founded in April 2007 as a new conceptual space. Replaceable expositions of the gallery expose over one hundred of works representing the best Russian and foreign artists. 



    Styles - it's a digital version of Styles mag. Concept participated in the tender arranged by Pernod Ricard company.


    Sweet Life layouts

    Sweet Life - a coupon codes service. For example here you can get a coupon with a 50 percent discount on the kart. Thus constantly using the service you save a lot of money.


    Samsung / Afisha picnic

    Picnic Afisha 2011. Samsung Galaxy Park create application based on Android. App shows events on the map using GPS and augmented reality.



    F5 app

    The official application for the project F5 for the iPad. A unique way to read and store the best articles written by bloggers, columnists F5.RU, and iPad-version of the paper F5.