Арт-директор: Илья Сизов / Дизайнер: Григорий Чемерис / Продюсер: Денис Новиков / Аккаунт-менеджер: Анна Ян / Копирайтер: Екатерина Теняева / и другие  Сделано в  Red Keds
 Exterior designer: Grigory Chemeris / Interior designer:  Boris Tarasov   Marussia B5 - diploma project was the result of my studies at the "Transportation Design" department at the Moscow State Academy of Art and Design named by S.G.Stroganov.  The concept has a hybrid setup which is based on a modified and modern gas turbine engine. The basis of the car is a carbon fiber monocoque carrier. He dictates the style of design solutions. In general the exterior design present modernity, sportiness and electrified of Marussia B5.
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 Sketches coming so